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East Rockaway High School

Mathematics Department

The organization of the Mathematics Curriculum at East Rockaway High School is designed to develop both computational and problem-solving skills, as proposed by the New York State Common Core State Standards. In this way, the student will be assured of having the foundation of mathematical learning essential to fulfilling his or her potential as a productive citizen. In addition to mathematical skills,specific skills for studying mathematics, communicating mathematically and connecting mathematics to the world around us will be stressed. Traditional mathematical concepts are included as well as the newer areas of logical reasoning, estimation activities, information processing and decision making, and probability and statistics. 

Courses Descriptions can be found here.

Mathematics Resources for Parents and Students:


Math Resources by course
Algebra 1




Algebra 2



Courses 19-20

Curriculum Overview

Jimmy Zervas- Chairperson

Precalculus Accelerated
Algebra Lab

Course Outline Precalculus
Course Outline Precalculus Accelerated

Mr. Frank Altamore

Geometry Accelerated

Course Outline Geometry

Mr. Chris Caputo


Course Outline Algebra
Course Outline AP Statistics

Ms. Alissa Stegner

Math 8
Algebra Accelerated

Course Outline Accelerated Algebra
Course Outline Math 8

Mrs. Deanna Mignella

Algebra 2
Algebra 2 Accelerated
AP Calculus AB

Course Outline Algebra 2 
Course Outline Algebra 2 Accelerated
Course Outline AP Calculus AB 

Ms. Marie Cordaro

Math 7
Math 7 Support
Math 7 AIS

Course Outline Math 7 

Ms. Kaitlyn Terrio

Math 7
Math 8 AIS
Intermediate Algebra
College Math

Course Outline Math 7 
Course Outline College Math
Course Outline Intermediate Algebra

Ms. Donna Smith

Intermediate Algebra with Ms. Terrio
Intermediate Algebra
Resource Room

Intermediate Algebra
Math 8

Ms. Emily Judge

Math 8
Math 8 with Mrs. Stegner
Algebra with Mr. Caputo

Math 8