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East Rockaway High School

Art Department

The East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School Art Department offers a variety of courses to meet a variety of needs. Students satisfying a basic graduation/ Regents requirement may opt to take any selected class(es) on a non-major basis. Art majors are encouraged, in their pursuit of an art sequence, to take a broad variety of classes in order to establish the foundation needed for college art programs. The final portfolio is a result of this sequence.

In general, all art classes stress the importance of in-class performance. Grades are based not only on the actual artwork completed, but also on preparedness, attitude, demonstration of knowledge and skills acquired and adherence to deadlines. A good attendance and punctuality record is essential.

Courses and Descriptions can be found by clicking here.

Art Resources for Parents:


Art Resources for Students:





Peter Ceglio - Chairperson



Kelly Cabasso


Foundations in Art, Art 8 Yr, JH SC, 35mm Photography, Digital Photography, Draw/Paint 1 & 2

Kristie Galante (Hirten)


Foundations in Art, AP Art & Design, Art 8 Yr, Draw/Paint 1 & 2