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443 Ocean Avenue, East Rockaway, NY 11518
Phone: (516) 887-8300



Mr. Richard Schaffer 
Mrs. Doreen Johnson (ext. 423)
 Mr. Bradley Krauz 
Assistant Principal (Grades 10-12)
Chairperson, Science
Mrs. Marypat Hickey (ext. 437)
Ms. TJ  Terranova 
Assistant Principal (Grades 7-9)
Chairperson, LOTE & ENL
Mrs. Fran Hernandez (ext. 471)
Dr. Thomas Ganes 
Interim Director of Guidance
Ms. Theresa Daube (ext. 452)
Mr. David Barth 
Director of Athletics
Mrs. Arianne Millar (ext. 472)
Mr. Vincent Healy (ext. 438)
Assistant Director, Pupil Personnel Services
Chairperson, Special Education
Mr. Russel Pajer (ext. 458) 
Dean of Students



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East Rockaway High School continues its tradition of recognizing Students of the Month for excellence in the following categories: overall academic achievement; improvement in attendance, behavior, or academics; and overall effort. Congratulations to all of this month's winners!

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Seniors and Families of Seniors: Please reach out to Ms. Kinkaid or Ms. Falvo if you have any questions!

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Social Media Letter to Parents

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New Chemistry Foundations Course

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High school students from Mrs. Alexandra Pietrantonio’s Chemistry Foundations class created their own non-Newtonian fluids as a way to kick off their lesson about various states of matter. Chemistry Foundations is a new course being offered to students in the 2019-2020 school year.

School Tour

Students in Ms.Isik’s AVID classes embarked on a “school tour” using the new student handbook. Students read different scenarios that they may find themselves in this year, which led them to find where to seek emotional support, homework help, technology assistance, ‘Grab&Go’ forms, and where to learn more about new activities going on. They also had to answer questions about our cellphone, plagiarism, eligibility, and absence policies. 

Students Explore Exciting Genres

Junior-Senior High School seventh grade students engaged in a book tasting event in the library over the course of two days. They were introduced to library procedures and tasted books from three genres: biographies, mystery and realistic fiction. After they completed their menu courses of all three genres, they were able to check out a book from the library for independent reading.

Book Tasting Café

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Middle School students in Ms. Falvo and Ms. Best’s seventh grade ELA classes “tasted” books of different genres at a book tasting café. This took place in the school library and was coordinated by librarian Ms. Valentin.

The Star Challenge

Students in advisory completed a five-point star challenge, where they transformed a circular rope into a star without letting go. This activity helped sharpen their skills in teamwork and interpersonal communication.

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