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Strategic Planning Steering Committee


March 10, 2015
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The first meeting of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee took place on March 10. The Committee reviewed baseline information regarding our school district, including enrollment data, demographic data, achievement data and financial data. The district’s new mission statement, Setting a Course for Excellence, was unveiled and the four priority areas established by the Board of Education were shared. These areas are: Achievement, Opportunity, Communication and Innovation. The four priority areas will form the basis of our goals during the next five years and will also be the foundation for the Strategic Planning Steering Committee’s work.
At our next meeting on March 31, we will review the results from the survey which was sent to the committee members and work together to prepare a community survey which will be launched in April. Our hope is to get input from as many stakeholders as possible. The survey will be placed on our website and focus groups will be conducted in the community with the dates and locations to be determined.
The Members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee are: Trish Albate, Trish, Michaelene Abbott-Cooper, Marie Anderson, Mary Boccuzzi, Mariah Capone, Dineen Cilluffo, Jake Caracciolo, Austin Caracciolo, Christine DelValle, Theresa Devlin, TJ DiPietro, Danielle Fiorentino, Keith Gamache, Michelle Gamache, John Giannotti, Tara Gonzalez, Meridyth Hansen, Mona Hecht, Carol Hernandez, Courtney Jackson, Joann Krudis, Dr. Richard J. Meagher, Andrew Miller, Patti Nicoletti, Kristin Ochtera, Vicki Perlman Alspector, John Piccarella, Geraldine Pizzo, Jeanine Prucha, Stephanie Quiroz, Michael J. Racanelli, Devin Ralph, Terence Randell, Dina Reilly, James Robinson, Lisa Ruiz, Carol Sanders, Danielle Schaetzle, Stacy Sommer, Neil Schloth, Joseph Spero, Samantha Yagnisis
Thank you to all our committee members for volunteering their time.