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Chromebooks Sharpen Geography Skills

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Fourth graders at Rhame Avenue used Chromebooks to work on a puzzle of the United States. They also used a map of the country to describe New York State’s location. Students had a great time working together and using technology to practice their geography skills.

Students Generate Addition Sentences

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Centre Avenue first graders are learning how to count on from a five group. They are using dot cards that resemble dominoes and number bonds to help them generate an addition sentence.

Outdoor Science Investigation

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Fifth grade students at Centre Avenue School in Mrs. Donald’s and Mrs. Ranieri’s classes participated in an outdoor science investigation. 

Students and their teammates used their inquiry skills to familiarize themselves with different scientific tools. They used measuring tapes to measure the circumference of tree trunks and swing poles, along with a hand lens and magnifying boxes to observe blades of grass, leaves and bugs. In addition, students created thinking maps to record their group’s data.

Bond Presentation

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The Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz invite all community residents to attend a final presentation on the anticipated scope of bond work during the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17, starting at 7 p.m. in the East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School auditorium. After the scope of work is discussed, residents will have an opportunity to ask questions. The Board will then vote on the bond referendum resolution. If the resolution is approved, residents will vote on the bond referendum on Thursday, Nov. 14. The bond will fund major repairs and renovations to all three East Rockaway schools that cannot be funded through the district’s annual school budget. Click here for the full invitation.

This event will be live-streamed here.

Common Bonds

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Students in advisory identified their individual strengths and learned about the importance of common bonds. They crafted a paper chain that symbolizes the strengths of the entire middle school.